Male perspective

A while ago I wrote a piece on “Inclusive design”. Today I happened to browse through the text again and I stumbled upon the following passage where I talked about the old iconic gender neutral LEGO figurine that I prefer:

The same little humanoid played the role of astronaut, mother, robot, corpse, James Bond – pretty much whatever the playing child could imagine.

When I wrote that I did the following:

  1. I automatically associated the word “astronaut” with men (duh!)
  2. I automatically gave a girl’s play with the figurine the topic “mother”. This was to balance the previous male “astronaut” (duuuuh!)
  3. I added two neutral type characters, the robot and the corpse (ok)
  4. And lastly I included the stereotypical male action character “James Bond” (…)

Holy cow! And I didn’t even reflect over these choices when I wrote them. And what was the subject of that article again?


2 Responses to “Male perspective”

  1. Åsa Roos Says:

    We all learn.

    Just the fact that you can go back and analyze the stuff you’ve written previously with a different perspective speaks to a certain amount of evolved knowledge, right?

  2. sicher Says:

    I hope so. In any case it is a clear testament to the importance of active training and thought.

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