10 years in the games industry!


10 years ago I went up to Uppsala and Starbreeze Studios to start working as a writer on the first Riddick game. Since then I’ve had the honor of being part of a number of wonderful dev teams. I have been fortunate to meet, work with and make friends with many absolutely stellar people. Through the years there have been many projects started and quite a few that was actually finished (5 and counting).

So far this has been a great ride and I can’t really see myself doing anything other than games. See, I was seriously bit by a bug that crawled out of my father’s TI 99/4A and since the age of about 10 my dream has been to make games (or draw comics).

Many wonderful games are being released each year and the last few years it has been especially great to witness the indie game scene flourish. The indies show that yet again, you don’t need to work in a big studio to achieve greatness – that is a fantastic thing. But still, the successful indies actually are pretty much exactly like the successful big AAA teams: serious, focused and very hard working passionates.

I have learned many things during these 10 years, but I think the only really important lesson to pass on is this: if you want to make a great game you should take it seriously, work as hard as you can and give the game all your attention. If you are passionate about making games I think that sounds exactly like “do whatever you feel like doing.”

4 Responses to “10 years in the games industry!”

  1. Ragnar Svensson Says:

    Hipp hipp hurra! Congrats, I can’t wait to see what cool things you will come up with in the years to come, it’s been a blast working with you! :)

  2. sicher Says:

    Thank you! And likewise. Cheers!

  3. Anders Says:

    Ten years, that’s amazing!

  4. Dopefish Says:

    You’re awesome Micke, so keep it up! :)
    I’m on a break from the industry after five years at Starbreeze. Planning to study for two more years, and then come back.

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