What a creative mind can do with Tipp-Ex

One day I found a copy of the old classic game “Guild of Thieves” on sale on Amazon through one of their merchants. The game was described as complete and the price was reasonable so I bought it.

The game arrived a week later and when I opened the box, it was in good condition and everything was there – except one item. A special dice, one with one side blank.

I obviously wanted the complete original package (as advertised) so I sent an email to the seller:

Hi, I ordered a copy of “Guild of Thieves” for the Amiga. The description said it was “used, very good” which it is. However, the game should have included a small dice which was not present and I believe the description did not mention any missing items. If you could refund me some amount for this inconvenience I’d be happy.

I got an answer the following day:

Sorry we didn’t know this came with a dice. We will send you a dice out immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I felt I had to clarify a bit. The game is a collector’s item and to be complete all original items had to be there, any old dice wouldn’t do. I typed up an answered:

Oh, if you have that dice it’s fantastic. It’s supposed to be a special dice where the face with three dots is blank (see pic below).

I didn’t receive any answer but a week later a small envelope arrived.

In the envelope was a small zip-lock plastic bag…

… and in the plastic bag – was this:

2 Responses to “What a creative mind can do with Tipp-Ex”

  1. Mattan Says:

    I, for one, think it is awesome! A hand made no-3-at-all-dice. A little hint of a 3 is just mysterious. Like it was made of Your own Low budget Moriarty.

  2. Mattan Says:

    Eller “made by”, ser jag nu med nyktrare ögon.

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