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The Darkness revisited

Friday, March 26th, 2010

It’s almost three years since “The Darkness” was released but now and then the game is mentioned in articles and blogs. Here are links to two articles that speak about the game in very nice terms:

Telling tales with games: seven done right

Journey into Darkness

I think it’s really time to go back and re-play the game. The last time I played it was right before the launch and it would be interesting to revisit the game with some perspective. I’m going to teach a course in game narrative in a few weeks and plan to use the game as discussion material so a revisit to New York and Otherworld is probably a good idea (even though I have pretty thorough knowledge about the game).

A freelancing interactionaut

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

After a year at home with my son Henry (which has been fantastic!) and six months at Pixel Tales working part time as lead designer (which was a great experience), I decided to start freelancing again. After a somewhat slow start during January and February trying to kick-start my business while finishing my work work at Pixel Tales, I am now going full speed ahead.

I do believe that there is room for more freelance workers in the games industry (the movie industry is almost all about that) and I sense that there might be a change in the future towards hiring freelance contractors for the duration of a project – or when a particular problem needs to be solved. Even though I have been in this situation before, it is always a leap of faith to go out totally on your own, but so far everything has been moving along nicely and lately work has been stacking up, so I’m very positive about the future!

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